Take advantage of a Free Arthritis Check with a vet, as whilst it’s cold and wet stiff joints are at their worst. Make sure your companion is not suffering! FREE ARTHRITIS CHECKS with a vet for dogs and cats are available at Churchcroft Vets until April 24th 2020. So much more can be done, from managing pain to healing of joints- arthritis need not be a sentence to having to accept pain.

The degeneration of joints that often progresses with age is what we commonly think of as Arthritis.  Many cats and dogs have mobility and pain issues due to arthritis, of which their owners are completely unaware or are passed off as just old age.  This means that as a consequence these companions are suffering with pain that could be prevented.

Signs that your companion may have arthritis fall under 4 categories

  1. Mobility issues— difficulty getting up from rest, slow or stiff walking, trouble jumping into the car or getting up the stairs.
  2. Temperament issues— getting grumpy when touched on the legs or back, avoiding children or other companions, hiding away.
  3. Reduced activity levels— spending more time sleeping or resting in one place, not showing interest in exercise, lying down more frequently.
  4. Grooming changes— licking at joints, not grooming fur well especially over the back.

As George the head vet at Churchcroft explains “A pet with arthritis may only have signs from one of these categories but still be in a lot of pain. It’s always very rewarding when we can relieve that pain and give these poorly companions a better quality of life”.

Latest developments

  • Stem cell therapy
  • Platelet Rich Plasma
  • Laser therapy

Stem cell therapy  is on the cutting edge of medicine.  Stem cell therapy is quite literally able to transform lives by generating cells that the body is unable to generate without it. Stem cells are handily able to develop into any cell type in the body. They are present in the adult body in three places- fat, blood and bone marrow (not so handy for joint problems). By taking a sample of fat from the patient, it is enriched for stem cells, which are later injected back into the patient in the affected joints. The patients own stem cells are then able to reprogram and generate new healthy tissue such as cartilage to help heal problem joints.

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) is quite a new treatment used to support arthritic joints in our companions. A blood sample is taken and the red and white blood cells removed along with some of the plasma. The remaining plasma is super rich in platelets and growth factors that are part of the bodies normal healing response. PRP is commonly used in healing musculoskeletal problems such as damaged tendons and ligaments.  Platelets are not only vital for blood clotting but also come in very handy for healing too.

As our clients know- we are an evidence based veterinary practice that offers the highest standards in veterinary care. As laser has reached this all important benchmark, we are pleased to be able to offer this for the pets under our care – please read our laser blog for more information.

If your dog or cat is showing any of the signs listed or similar signs, why not take advantage of Churchcroft Vets’ Arthritis Awareness offer?

Until April 24th, the vets at Churchcroft will:

  • assess your dog or cat for evidence of arthritis with A FREE consultation
  • discuss our popular arthritis treatment options
  • FREE trial course of painkiller (if appropriate and whilst stocks last)
  • 15% Off (25% for plan members) the highly effective joint supplement Nutraquin +
  • FREE laser therapy session, to be taken within 4 weeks of completing the induction laser therapy course

To book a free arthritis check or to discuss if this is appropriate for your pet, call Churchcroft Vets on 0115 922 4855 or book online here