The poison contained in chocolate is a natural plant chemical called theobromine produced by the chocolate plant.

This is Flash’s story written by his mum- Karen

Flash had his first taste of chocolate when he took some from the worktop after we’d returned from holiday. We found he’d taken 900g, of which 500g was dark chocolate, the worst possible. Luckily we knew what to do and rushed him to Churchcroft Vets.

He spent the night being treated and, after two seizures, things didn’t look too good. He’d eaten far more than the fatal dose of chocolate. Amazingly, after intensive veterinary care, just a few days later, he was back to his usual self.

Unfortunately we now have to be very careful- no chocolate is left lying around. He will know if just one little square is left out!A year later he managed to find some chocolate (it just takes one lapse in our concentration as a family), luckily the person who had left the bars of chocolate out had remembered and we were able to react really quickly and he didn’t suffer as much.

Flash’s third dose of chocolate (yes he really does go out of his way to hunt it down) wasn’t even chocolate bars but pure cocoa powder. He ate half a box, left in a carrier bag, that only one of my daughters knew about. Flash certainly knew about it!
Anything to do with chocolate is kept on the top shelf in a kitchen cupboard because he has a taste for it and if he smells it, he will route around until he finds it!