COVID-19 What I Need to Know

Important Update
We are getting a number of queries regarding puppies and the Covid-19 situation. We are trying to reduce client visits to the practice where at all possible for everyone’s safety.
However, we WILL see puppies with signs of ill health (e.g. diarrhoea). Puppies go from a bit ill to very ill in no time at all so we think it’s safest to check them out if they’re poorly.
Puppies looking to start a vaccine course and who are well need to wait until the next announcement by the government about the operation of businesses during the Covid-19 outbreak.
Puppies that have started a vaccine course can, in most cases, have this completed. However, where we can delay this without risk to the puppy we are doing so. This often means that we are waiting 4 weeks between the first and second parts of the vaccination.
There is no blanket rule. It depends on the exact circumstance of each puppy so please call us to discuss and we will try to help


Your pets need not suffer during the Covid-19 outbreak

At Churchcroft Vets we are committed to continuing to provide necessary health care to our patients. To reduce client movements we are delaying some types of procedure to balance the risks to clients and patients.

We have instituted a number of measures to ensure we can do this safely for both staff and clients alike.

Amongst the actions we are taking are:

  • We collect all patients from the car park or front garden. We provide a disinfected lead for all dogs and disinfect cat boxes on collection and return.
  • Clients are asked to no longer enter the building.
  • We examine and treat your pet in our disinfected consulting room with you on the phone to discuss your and your pet’s needs.
  • We have reduced the number of clients we see per hour. This allows us to fully disinfect all contact points between clients.
  • We are using single use protective equipment for all patients seen so we cannot transfer disease between clients.
  • We are assessing patient care requirements and where possible providing these remotely via video link or telephone (telemedicine).
  • We are using contactless payments over the phone for all payments. If cash is the only option it is bagged and taken out of circulation for a week.
  • We are disinfecting all client equipment (leads, cat boxes) left at the practice during hospital visits before returning to the owner.
  • We are questioning all clients for signs of ill health that might point to Coronavirus and making alternative arrangements for their pet care if they are considered an enhanced risk.


With all these measures in place we are confident that we can continue to look after the needs of our patients and ensure they do not have to suffer during this pandemic.


Keep safe, stay well

From your dedicated Churchcroft Vets team


What can I do?

1.    If you are ill or self-isolating we offer a video consultation option with medicine delivery service

2.    We are offering a “hands off” service. We collect your pet from your car, treat them and return them to your car. Carriers and leads will be disinfected before returning them.


Why Is Social Distancing So Important?

If the NHS is pushed beyond capacity more people will die. Social distancing slows the spread of COVID-19, allowing the NHS to save more lives.