Fireworks might provide excitement to our celebrations but for many of our pets they are not so much fun.

Making a safe place in your home in the form of a den is a good way to provide your cat or dog with a feeling of safety and security.

Make a den in a part of the house they are comfortable in

This is helpful throughout the year but especially important during the firework season.

Preparation is key as your pet will gain most security if they are familiar and comfortable with the den in advance. Allow at least two weeks for this.

This is somewhere your pet can come and go as they please and is their own safe place

The den needs to be big enough to stand up, turn around, lie down and stretch out

Place familiar smelling bedding in the den, you could put an old jumper of yours in there as well as their bed.

Positive associations need to be built with the den (see photo of Jagger with a treat).

Cover the den with a thick blanket, this will soften sounds and cut out some of the flashing of fireworks.

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Don’t forget to ensure your pet’s id is up to date