Owners are taking much more interest in their pets’ teeth than they have in years gone by, which is why we’ve put together some interesting facts and information about pets dental health. Here are some myths about dental issues in pets, which we hope to dispel:

MYTH #1: Wild animals don’t have dental problems so why does my pet need regular dental check-ups?

FACT: Wild animals do have dental issues and can die as a result. We expect our pets to live longer than animals in the wild and as dental issues are often progressive, they need to have check-ups and treatment to keep them healthy.

MYTH #2: My pet isn’t showing any signs of pain, so I don’t need to worry until I can see that he is in pain?

FACT: Animals don’t show tooth ache like you and I do, the signs are far more subtle. If we wait until our pets are not eating, our pets will have had months of worsening pain and have serious dental issues to resolve by this point.

MYTH #3: My pet is eating fine, so there can’t be a dental problem.

FACT: Your cat maybe throwing their food to the back of their mouth and your dog maybe swallowing their food without chewing to avoid pain from dental issues.

MYTH #4: Tennis balls are a great toy and provide fabulous games for my dog.

FACT: Yes they do provide fabulous fun, games and exercise unless your dog chews on the ball. The felt on the tennis ball traps grit which can cause wear of the enamel of the tooth all the way down to the sensitive dentine.

Feedback from owners is that their pets have become perkier after their dental work is done. This happens because the chronic pain from dental issues is resolved and a pleasing result for all concerned.