Lisette Van Dissel has joined the Churchcroft team having left Ark Vets in Chilwell to reunite with George and Jon in the all new expanded practice. Previously Lisette worked with George and Jon at Priory Vets in the late 1990s. Lisette has more than 20 years veterinary experience and is particularly interested in medicine especially in older animals. She also has a passion for animal welfare. Lisette has been on several stray animal neutering trips and most recently went to Bosnia with Dog’s Trust to assist in training local vets in how to neuter street dogs (see photo).

Lisette is also a Trustee for SNIP International, a charity that donates trap-neuter-return equipment to animal welfare groups all over the world. Lisette has two dogs and two cats, all rescues. Out of work she is a keen hot air ballooner. For more photos of Lisette and her pets see our “meet the team” page in the “about us” tab. As well as having an interest in medicine Lisette is a qualified acupuncture therapist. Acupuncture can be a useful additional treatment for chronic pain such as with arthritis in both dogs and cats. George, head vet at Churchcroft, says “We are very pleased to welcome Lisette to the team. High quality veterinary surgeons are in short supply and having worked with Lisette before I know she is one of them.