The Pet Passport is no longer valid to travel outside of the UK to EU member states. Instead, you will need a new Animal Health Certificate (AHC)

Your pet will need a new animal health certificate for each trip to an EU country or Northern Ireland but will not need a repeat rabies vaccination so long as the rabies vaccinations are up to date. Dogs will need tapeworm treatment for each trip if you’re travelling directly to Finland, Ireland, Malta, Northern Ireland or Norway.


Key information

  • Plan ahead as it takes time to organise
  • Travel is permitted after 21 days of a rabies vaccination
  • The AHC is only valid for 10 days once it has been issued
  • A new AHC is required for each trip to an EU country
  • Valid for return to the UK within 4 months of issue.



How does the Animal Health Certificate (AHC) process work?

  • Your pet must be microchipped. This will need to be checked/ inserted prior to any rabies vaccines.  This can be done at the same appointment if required.
  • Your pet must have a rabies vaccine and they must be over 12 weeks old.  The rabies vaccine can NOT be given within 2 weeks of any other vaccination. The vaccine we currently use lasts for THREE years before booster vaccination will be required.
  • You do NOT need to have a blood test taken to prove serological immunity.
  • You CAN’T travel until 21 days AFTER the rabies vaccine. Animals risk being quarantined if you travel within this 21 day period.
  • You will need to see us here at Churchcroft Vets within 10 days prior to travel. The AHC is only valid for 10 days once it has been issued.  You need to plan ahead so you can get your appointment with us within the correct time window for your planned entry into the EU.
  • We will need proof of rabies vaccination. If your pet has a Pet Passport already, or you have had the rabies vaccine done at Churchcroft, then this will suffice as proof.  However, if your pet has had a rabies vaccine elsewhere and you do not have an existing Pet Passport, then you may require a further rabies vaccine with us and a further 21 day wait.  We strongly suggest you check with us well in advance if you are not sure.
  • The new AHC is a complex and time consuming document.  We will need plenty to time to examine your pet, complete and check the documents as well as copy and certify all the other paperwork required.
  • Once the AHC has been issued it must be used within 10 days.
  • Once you have entered the EU, the AHC is valid for 4 months OR when pet’s rabies vaccine expires (whichever comes first). Can be used for onward travel through EU only.
  • You will require a NEW AHC each time you want to travel to the EU, even if this is within close proximity to a previous AHC being issued.