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Find out why 1,758 Nottingham people trust us with their pets

1618 pet owners trust us with their pets

Expert pet care from George and the team

Churchcroft Vets is a family run vets owned by George Packer BVSc MRCVS. George is highly motivated to provide exceptionally high quality veterinary care, with a strong caring attitude. He is a leader of a dedicated team who offer something special in terms of pet care and client service. If you are looking for sound care and advice, Churchcroft Vets have got you covered.

We have plenty of free parking and offer flexible appointment times which range from early morning until late evening during weekdays and we are also open on Saturday mornings.

Our VIP Pet club offers outstanding savings on routine healthcare and ensures your beloved pet is kept in the best possible health whilst also making top notch pet care easy for you.

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To make an appointment, ask a question or simply get some advice about the best way to care for your pet, call Churchcroft Vets on 0115 922 4855. Or you can book online by clicking the link above.


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